One Paramount Truth in Golf – Putting Travels


With the NCAA Tournament ending recently, we saw two defensive-minded teams in the final game. Texas Tech and Virginia played defense with different philosophies, but were well schooled in their method. When possessions were critical, they could buckle down and depend on the basics they had worked on in practice. It reminded us of one…

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Putter Fitting Could Change Your Game


There’s some unwritten rules to golf equipment. One of those is that your putter should be treated like every other club that might get a club fitting. Yet, most golfers walk into the clubhouse or into a retail store and buy what feels good after a couple of strokes. However, many teaching professionals believe that…

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Our 3 Favorite New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers


Every time the calendar clicks over and a new year begins, it represents a chance for fresh starts. Soon spring arrives and golfers everywhere will be dusting off the clubs to get out on the course. How will your golf game be different this new year? Will you just play casually and accept the same…

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Advanced Putting Tips for When You’re Rolling It Straight


Once you have a repeatable putting stroke, your ability to master the greens… We’re biased, but we love the 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid for one reason – it dials in the most basic and required of putting skills. You can’t be an effective putter without consistently striking the ball with a squared…

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Build Your Quick Putting Practice Routine


You show up to the range – either before a round or on your own for practice. You see the practice green, you know putting is important, but you don’t know where to start. Do I spend time putting from 10 feet from the cup or more? Do I spend time hitting just outside of…

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A Revolution Needs to Begin at the Other End of the Putter

Putting Revolutions

Earlier this decade, oversized putting grips hit the PGA Tour stage, and then the recreational scene. Today, manufacturers put them on putters as a stock grip. Oversized putter grips are definitely here to stay. The grips, which grew in popularity after Phil Mickelson’s 2013 British Open win at Muirfield, quiet the hands and wrists to…

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Three Great Golf Gifts for Father’s Day

If your Father loves golf, you’ve likely searched for that perfect golf gift before. Maybe you found it. Maybe you were overwhelmed by the options. Our expert golfing dads at the Pure Stroke Golf offices came up with a list of three great gift ideas that you can consider this upcoming Father’s Day. 1. Give…

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The Value of Good Putting – Winning the Masters

It’s a great time of year for playing and watching golf. The Masters is always a tournament won by having a great short game. This year was no different. One of the tell-tale signs of the golfers that had a successful Masters tournament is who had the best putting statistics for the week. It’s not…

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Three Signs You Need a Putting Training Aid

Spring is the season when many golfers get out for their first rounds of the year. They shake the dust off their clubs, but unfortunately, parts of their game still have cobwebs. It’s not uncommon to hear golfers discuss the short game taking the longest time to come back after time away. Putts don’t go…

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