Three Signs You Need a Putting Training Aid

Spring is the season when many golfers get out for their first rounds of the year. They shake the dust off their clubs, but unfortunately, parts of their game still have cobwebs.

It’s not uncommon to hear golfers discuss the short game taking the longest time to come back after time away. Putts don’t go in, chips get bladed over the green, and everything from 100 yards and in is more of a challenge.

That can make for a rotten round of golf when you consider that nearly 60 percent of your shots in a round come within 100 yards of the hole. We’ll take a wild guess and bet that you spend more than 60 percent of your practice time on the range and not around the putting greens.

To help you on the way to your best year of golf yet, we’ve discovered three surefire signs that you may need to invest in more short-game work.

1. You Don’t Feel Confident Over Putts

It only takes a few missed putts to ruin any mojo you felt on the greens. This happens often on those first few rounds of the year when you think of last year when putts dropped with ease. One of the easiest ways to get this back in order is to arrive earlier for a round or to seek out a practice green for some extra work.

If you take a training aid like the 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid with you, even better. Using a putting training aid will build confidence in a hurry. You’ll know exactly where your short game stands, and when it is finally corrected.

The 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid helps you build confidence in your arc, acceleration through the putt and striking the sweet spot of your putter. If those three areas are working together, confidence over the putt skyrockets.

2. Your Putts Don’t Follow the Intended Path

You walk around the green. You survey your putt from every angle. You settle in over the putt that you swear is straight.

Your putt misses badly.

Just like full shots on the course, putts can suffer from open and closed clubfaces and bad form.

Putting becomes really tough when your putting stroke doesn’t give you a fighting chance of going on your intended path. That’s you’ll love using the 100% Pure Stroke®. By attaching the training aid to your putter, you get instant feedback on whether you are striking the sweet spot of the putter and whether the putter was square to the intended line at impact.

3. You’re Not a Scratch Golfer

If you’ve ever been a part of a pro-am, you’ve noticed first-hand the vast difference between scratch golfers and the rest of us. Professional golfers and others with scratch handicaps are able to put so much time into the game that everything looks easy.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we all have areas where we can shave strokes off of our game through practice. One of the easiest and most accessible is putting. There’s not a driving range on every corner, but there are sensible putting green solutions to get practice in.

The best part — you can work 5 minutes of practice in during lunch hours or even between business calls. That’s why we love the 100% Pure Stroke®. It’s small, portable and can be a part of your practice routine anywhere your putter goes.

Do yourself a favor this golf season. Start practicing from the green and moving outward. We promise that you’ll see improvements in your scores by employing a training aid, putting time in on the greens, and carrying the improvement onto the course.

To purchase a 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Aid for your putter, click here.

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