The Pure Stroke Golf Story

Pure Stroke Golf began in 2007 as a Florida based company offering the 100% Pure Stroke® putting training aid. In 2017, Pure Stroke Golf was purchased by Oklahoma based C&C Machine, Inc. with the idea of bringing even more products to golfers looking to improve and enjoy their game.

The first new product is the 100% Pure Stroke® portable practice hole. We thought the portable practice hole would be a nice addition to go along with the putting training aid. It seems simple, but it took quite a while to develop with our initial prototypes. The hole tended to slide as golf balls hit the back of the hole. Therefore, we developed a manufacturing process to add gripping strength to the base of the hole. Now, the hole doesn’t slide!

Our feedback from those that have used the putting training aid and portable practice hole have been very positive. Comments like “I am really improving my putting game” are not uncommon. The products will challenge you. The putting training aid teaches you to strike the golf ball squarely. If you are not square, the training aid will make it very evident because of the unique angles designed into the aid. The portable practice hole is designed with a hole diameter that is smaller than regulation size. This teaches you to be accurate and hit the center of the cup.

We have other new product ideas in the works. Not all of them will relate to putting, but will relate to you improving and enjoying your golf game.

Since we are a true manufacturing company, we are determined to design and produce only the highest quality of products. We use industrial grade materials and processes for strength and durability. We use 3D printing technology for the prototyping phase of our product development efforts.

We thank you for visiting our website.

Enjoy your golf game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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