How We Ensure the Best Putting Training Aids

Our desire is to manufacture only the best putting training aids.  We understand your golf game is important to you. We understand that you want to purchase only the highest quality golf gifts.

To help ensure we craft quality golf training aids, we use a process called first article inspection.  What that means is that we are going to make a single part first and look at it closely to see if we can find any mistakes.  If we do not find any mistakes, then we will produce our products in higher volumes. We are true manufacturers, so these types of processes are important to us and you.

This first article inspection process came in handy when we were redesigning the carrying case for our 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid.  Look closely at the image. Can you see anything wrong with the wording? The third person at Pure Stroke Golf to view the new carrying case caught the error.  It is amazing how the mind can slip right over mistakes when it has been conditioned to think otherwise. Automated spelling correction did not save us on this one.

We had our time of disbelief wondering what would have happened if those would have been shipped to customers or their loved ones, not to mention the costs associated with throwing away a lot of inferior product.  We were very happy we had first article inspection as part of our process. We fixed the mistake and became very “stoked” about our new packaging. Since we caught the mistake we thought it rather funny. Had we not caught the mistake, it would not have been so funny.

At Pure Stroke Golf, we maintain traditional values like respect and honesty.  That is why we chose to share this little behind-the-scenes story with you. Of course we would like for you to buy some Pure Stroke Golf products too.

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