A Revolution Needs to Begin at the Other End of the Putter

Earlier this decade, oversized putting grips hit the PGA Tour stage, and then the recreational scene. Today, manufacturers put them on putters as a stock grip. Oversized putter grips are definitely here to stay.

The grips, which grew in popularity after Phil Mickelson’s 2013 British Open win at Muirfield, quiet the hands and wrists to reduce tension. Ideally, it produces a more pendulum-perfect putting stroke.

While it’s great golfers are taking care of where a lot of the business in putting is taking place, there’s still the business end of the putter – the face.

At Pure Stroke Golf, we believe a revolution needs to take place at the other end of the putter from the grip. By installing the patented 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid, you’re providing an easy and affordable way to build a repeatable putting stroke that gets results.

It’s great that oversized grips hit the market. However, you can still grip a club incorrectly and can still get “wristy” and “handsy” with your putt. That’s why extra attention to the putterface is critical to your short-game improvement.

If you are interested in hitting the sweet spot on your putter more often, with fewer pushed and pulled and yipped putts, then it’s time for your Pure Stroke Putting Training Aid.

To learn more and purchase a 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Aid for your putter, click here.

Enjoy your game!

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