Unique Golf Gifts for the Executive

Quality executive golf gifts can say a lot to your boss, clients and customers. If you are looking to impress a client or CEO, consider these two unique gifts from Pure Stroke Golf.


Give the Gift of Putting Practice Right in the Office

Every executive needs small breaks in their stressful days. What better way to relax than spending a few minutes practicing putting. What is needed is an elegant portable practice hole for the office.

Our Portable Practice Hole is beautiful and has the logo of Pure Stroke Golf that says quality. It has also been designed to help golfers improve their putting game. This is not a gift that will just sit on a desk. The practice hole has been crafted from aircraft quality aluminum. The actual hole is smaller than a regulation hole. This helps improve putting accuracy. The bottom of the hole has a unique configuration to make sure the hole doesn’t slide around when used.


Give the Gift of an Improved Putting Stroke

Many executives would like to improve their putting game and impress their friends out on the golf course. Consider the 100% Pure Stroke Putting Training Aid.

Our putting training aid easily installs on any putter. It is also easy to remove. The putting training aid can be used in the office or out on the course on the putting practice green. The unique angles on the aid help the golfer to train to keep the putter face square to the ball upon striking.

These angles make it clear when the putter face was even slightly open or closed because the effect on the putt will be magnified. A putt that might have missed the hole by just an inch may miss the hole by a foot using the putting training aid. Remember, the putting training aid is just for practice!

You may also purchase these two quality products as a set.

Impress your clients, customers and boss. Purchase a gift from Pure Stroke Golf today!

Contact us about discounts if you would like to purchase 10 or more of any item.

Enjoy your game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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