Putter Fitting Could Change Your Game

There’s some unwritten rules to golf equipment. One of those is that your putter should be treated like every other club that might get a club fitting. Yet, most golfers walk into the clubhouse or into a retail store and buy what feels good after a couple of strokes.

However, many teaching professionals believe that up to 60% of golfers that show up for lessons are using a putter that does not fit them.

The relaxed attitude toward putters is amazing when you consider that most golfers spend thousands on clubs to get them to the green, but a fraction of that for the club that will do all the scoring. Putters should be fitted for length, weight, loft angle, and lie angle. Today, we’re going to be looking at length and weight.



Typically, off-the-rack putters are sold in 33-, 34-, and 35-inch lengths. While this is a great spread of lengths, consider that Robert Garrigus used a 29.5-inch putter resulting in a playoff loss in the St. Jude Classic in 2010. Ken Green used a 25-inch model. Just check out this photo.

The move to short putters was all about getting the eyes over the ball and getting comfortable.

Your putter length affects how you setup to the ball at address. The setup has direct consequences on if the putt will be successful.

Let’s face it. We want you to be in the best position to make more putts. We love hearing your stories about how the 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Aid has helped your game. If your putter length is way off, it’s going to be tough to get to square at contact.



Weight is all about feel. Too light of a putter and the golfer struggles with smooth strokes and distance control. Get a putter that is too heavy and you’ll struggle with getting the distance right on long putts.

You might be surprised that weight solutions in putter fitting aren’t exclusive to the putter head. It’s not unusual for fitters to put counter-balancing in the grip to drive the balance point up the shaft. This can work wonders for distance control and the pendulum motion of the putting stroke.

When we’re putting in the office with the Pure Stroke Portable Practice Hole, you know someone has their weight in a good place if they are consistently rolling the ball in the cup over the incline. We designed the incline to reflect the preferred 12 to 18 inches past the hole that tour professionals strive for. If you are getting the ball to the hole and past by 12 inches regularly, your weight is likely spot on.

Do yourself a favor this golf season and pop into a club fitter’s shop for a putter fitting. There’s a good chance that they can identify length, weight, loft angle, and lie angle changes that can improve your stroke. They can make cost-effective recommendations on modifying your current putter or might be able to get you into something new that revolutionizes your game.

Enjoy Your Game and the New Year!

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