Our 3 Favorite New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

Every time the calendar clicks over and a new year begins, it represents a chance for fresh starts. Soon spring arrives and golfers everywhere will be dusting off the clubs to get out on the course.

How will your golf game be different this new year? Will you just play casually and accept the same scores as last year? Or will you make a commitment to shaving strokes off?

We’ve rounded up three New Year’s resolutions you may want to adopt in the coming year. Feel free to use them and make them your own!


1. In 2019, we want putts within 10 feet of the hole to be nearly automatic.

It’s that part of golf that maybe you’ve been reluctant to work on, but affects that scorecard so much – putting. Let’s make a commitment in 2019 to work on the putts we should make, give ourselves a better chance to make long putts, and to turn lag putts into “gimmes.”

Naturally, we’re going to suggest the 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Aid to help with this New Year’s resolution. By putting in 30 minutes of work each week with the training aid, we believe you will see incredible results with your game. We know that we’re all short on time. How about arriving for your round of golf just a half hour early and spending that time on the green practicing with the Pure Stroke?


2. In 2019, let’s dial in those irons.

To improve your golf game in 2019, we suggest working counter-intuitively from other golfers. Don’t start with the driver. Work backwards from the hole. Putting, short game and irons are some of the best areas for golfers to make improvement.

Working on your irons will make approach shots land closer to the hole. If you’ve been working on your putting, it’s much more rewarding to give your newfound putting expertise a chance to lower scores.

We love this slideshow from Golf Digest that has some great iron-play tips. 


3. Play (and practice) more golf.

Just like a lot of things in life, golf gives back what you put into it. If you practice hard, you will get better.

If you want to play improved golf in 2019, we suggest being deliberate – schedule practice time just like you handle putting your weekly foursome on your calendar.

So much of golf is about routine, from how we grip clubs to how we approach a shot to how we read the greens. It’s time to build routine and consistency in your golf game for a better 2019.

Here’s one of our favorite articles about building a quick putting practice routine into your game plan for better golf:

Build Your Quick Putting Practice Routine

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