5 Types of Golfers that Can Benefit from Pure Stroke Golf Gifts

It’s time to shop for the holidays, and with that comes the difficulty of shopping for the golfers in your life. The first couple of times, shopping for a golfer is easy – clubhead covers, fancy divot tools, custom golf bags – there’s a few no-brainers out there.

But what if you want to make a sincere impression on the golfers that matter to you this holiday season?

We’ve narrowed down the five types of golfers you might be shopping for this season, and some ideas and advice for each.


1. Dads, Granddads, Uncles and Other Family Members

Family members are always tough. You feel the pressure of giving something good, the pressure of giving them something they’ll use or enjoy. When we get asked, we always suggest the Pure Stroke Training Aid and Practice Hole package. That way, you’re giving them a great office or home gift with a fantastic looking putting hole, as well as a tool they can use to improve their golf game. As a package, you’re giving yourself a fair shot that one, if not both, gifts will be a hit.


2. Bosses

Is there anything worse than trying to shop for a boss? If they play golf though, you’re in luck. Giving a superior the Pure Stroke Golf Portable Practice Hole is a can’t miss. The sleek, stylish machined practice hole looks at home in the office. Crafted from beautiful aluminum, the practice hole is sure to become a permanent fixture for the golfing boss. Just think – this could be the answer to getting more casual meetings with the boss when he invites you in for a few putts on the amazing practice putting hole you bought them.


3. That Golfer in Your Weekly Foursome that has Every Golf Gadget

There’s a golfer in all weekly foursomes that buys every single gadget and widget that comes on the market. From lucky ball markers to scorecard holders to monogrammed golf towels, this golfer has it all. Except, they don’t have the 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Aid. Give this golfer the gift of better golf and more enjoyable scores with the putter training aid that is sure to cut their putts per round down.


4. Friends at the Club

Trying to peg the perfect gift for a casual acquaintance or friend is brutal. Either of the Pure Stroke signature products are good options. If you know the golfer is struggling with their putting and would accept help, the effective 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid is the best option. If you know their office is their haven, then the Portable Practice Hole is an ideal buy. Either way, if they are a golfer, they’ll love either option.


5. Corporate Clients and Business Partners

Corporate holiday gifts are always a challenge. How do you get something that is useful and on par with the previous years’ gifts? We’ve had several companies come to us knowing that their clientele is full of golfers through and through. For that reason, they custom-ordered the Portable Putting Holes but with one outstanding customization. If you navigate to our website and contact us, we’ll work with you to machine your company’s logo directly onto the aluminum of the putting hole, turning it into a memorable, functional, and fun corporate gift that will be a huge hit.


We hope this list and advice help you find some closure with your holiday shopping for the upcoming season. If we can ever help you find or create the ideal golfing holiday gift, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Enjoy Your Game!

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