Unique Golf Gifts for Grandpa to Help Him Enjoy His Game

So, your grandpa is a golfer. We know a few grandpas that golf 3 or 4 times per week when the weather permits. What should you buy your grandpa for a gift? A mug? A T-shirt? How about expertly crafted putting training aids as unique golf gifts for grandpa? Give grandpa the gift of shaving a few strokes from his golf score and help him enjoy his game even more. Consider these quality products from Pure Stroke Golf.


100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid

Our patented putting training aid easily installs on any putter. It is easy to remove too.  It can be used out on the course or in grandpa’s home or office. Being able to practice putting in the home or office is a great benefit. Sometimes it is just too cold, rainy or snowy to make it out to the course.


Portable Practice Putting Hole

This would be a very prestigious gift for grandpa.  Our portable practice hole is not made from flimsy plastic. It is made from strong and durable one-half inch thick aluminum. It will last forever. We’ve designed the hole with several features so grandpa can improve his putting even more. Yes, the practice hole can be used at home or office.

We do sell the putting training aid and portable practice putting hole as a kit to save you money.


Practice Putting Routine – Free!

Feel free to share this practice routine with your grandpa. The routine can be used on the practice green out on the course. It includes recommendations for practicing short putts, medium putts and long putts.

Help grandpa enjoy his game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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