Advanced Putting Tips for When You’re Rolling It Straight

Once you have a repeatable putting stroke, your ability to master the greens…

We’re biased, but we love the 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid for one reason – it dials in the most basic and required of putting skills. You can’t be an effective putter without consistently striking the ball with a squared putter face. Sometimes this practice and ability takes years to learn, and sometimes golfers are naturals.

In previous tips, we’ve shown you how to build an effective practice routine around your 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid. What happens though when your putting stroke is dialed in, mastered, and ready for the next level around the greens?

Our putting experts have put together three advanced putting tips and tactics for you to shave even more strokes off your game. These next-level tips are best suited for golfers that have full command of their putting stroke and are ready to use their consistent putting stroke to make more long-range putts.


Envision a clock face around the cup

When your golf game is about trying to get the ball roll consistently, it’s hard to focus on much else. When that part of your game comes along, it’s time to advance. On the course, sometimes it’s rare to get a nice even putt that is straight and flat.

When lining up a breaking putt, it’s effective to imagine a clock face around the cup. This allows you to visualize your expectation of how the putt will enter the hole. By dialing this visual in, you are well on your way to becoming a precision putter. Rarely will the ball curve into the hole from anything more extreme than 3 or 9 o’clock. Most breaking reads will be more in the 4 to 8 o’clock range.

This practice is also a great technique for gaining confidence and reading putts that break. If you can find a hole on the practice green to really test the clock face approach, give it a try.


Pick a spot in front of the ball to focus on, not the ball

When consistent contact with the ball at impact isn’t the concern, it becomes all about line. To roll the ball on the intended line, pick a spot just ahead of your ball that sits on the intended line. This spot can become your focus of attention when correct impact is second nature.

On the practice green, this technique is made even easier. Find a practice spot and your intended line. Use a tee to create a small hole along the intended line. This tiny hole shouldn’t alter your putt and will give you a stronger visual to focus your eyes.


Adjust your grip pressure to truly feel long distance lag control

Putting is all about repetition and feel. Unfortunately, sometimes the repetition overrides the feel. One place is on long putts, where golfers regularly strike putts with the same grip they would use on a tap-in. The tighter your grip, the less chance you have of really adapting a feel for the long putt. More distance on a putt comes from a longer stroke, not accelerating and giving the ball a good crack.

Give this a test on the practice green. Hit some putts with your normal grip, and then try a few with a relaxed grip that lets the weight of the putter’s head put the ball into motion. The sensations could be wildly different and results much improved.

Enjoy Your Game!

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