Take a Few Minutes from Your Busy Workday for Office Putting Practice and Improve Your Health

Office putting practice offers many health benefits to combat our common workday of sitting behind computers and sitting in meetings. Plus, the practice will help improve your putting game. Office putting practice allows you to stand up for a few minutes, focus your eyes on something other than your computer, relieve stress and perhaps even build comradery with coworkers.


Stand Up to Burn Extra Calories and Increase Blood Flow

According to the Mayo Clinic, too much sitting is leading to negative health effects like obesity and increased blood pressure. They recommend taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes. There are many ways to reduce the time spent sitting at work or home. You could take a short walk, stand up and do some stretching or other simple exercises.


Focus Your Eyes on Something Other Than Your Computer

Eye strain caused by computer use is so real that it can lead to “computer vision syndrome”, according to WebMD. They recommend cutting the glare by changing the lighting around you and looking away from the computer screen every 20 minutes or so.


Take a Break from Mental Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, work-related stress is a big issue. In fact, 65% of Americans cited work as the top source of stress. According to the association, one of the steps to managing stress is to learn how to relax. They recommend taking a few minutes each day to focus on a single activity like breathing or walking.


Build Comradery with Coworkers

If you have coworkers that also enjoy golf, office putting practice could help build comradery. Imagine the fun of having a quick putting tournament right in your office. It could be a great team building activity in addition to all of the health benefits above.


Improve Your Putting Game

Along with the benefits mentioned above, office putting practice can help you improve your putting game. At Pure Stroke Golf, we design and craft products to help golfers improve and enjoy their putting game. We also take breaks to practice our putting!

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Enjoy your game!

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