Why the Ideal Putter Training Aid Transcends Putter Style

In October 2001, Paul Lawrie became one of the first touring professionals to win a tournament with a mallet-style putter in the bag. He won the Dunhill Links Championship using the popular Odyssey 2-Ball putter. From that time forward, mallets were all the rage.

Other putting revolutions have happened along the way – the move to belly putters, the long “broomstick” putter, the Claw, and many others.

When push comes to shove, all putters and putting styles have to interact with the ball the same way to be effective. The putter face must contact the ball square to the target line. A slightly opened or closed face results in an inaccurate putt.

Unfortunately, too many golfers believe that buying a new putter with enhanced weighting or game-improving characteristics will cure poor strokes. Just like every other part of golf though, you get what you put in – and any putting woes will need practice to correct.

Some may mark up the trends in putting (and all of golf) to fads, gimmicks, and marketing ploys. Golf is very much a game of feel, and you should use clubs that feel good in your hands. However, if you use a mallet putter, blade putter or a unique style of putter or putting stance – consistent and effective contact with the ball is always the determining factor of putting success.

We’re not proposing you throw away that new putter you just bought. We’re suggesting you give yourself the best opportunity to make more putts.

The 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid can attach to any putter club face giving you simple visual feedback on every practice putt. Then, you can simply take the training aid off from the putter face and go put your honed stroke in play on the course. We believe that 30 minutes to an hour of practice with the Pure Stroke on your putter can greatly improve your short game.

To view more details about the 100% Pure Stroke® Golf Putting Training Aid, click here.

Enjoy Your Game!

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