An Indoor Practice Putting Cup That Won’t Slide and Lasts Forever

A practice putting cup is needed for golfers to be able to effectively practice their putting at home or at the office. There are many flimsy plastic and fabric-based choices available, but for the quality-minded, consider the practice putting cup from Pure Stroke Golf.

Our cup is not flimsy. It is made from one-half inch thick aluminum! It will last forever.

Slide Resistant
Our cup resists sliding. It can be difficult to practice putting and develop a reliable putting stroke when the practice hole moves around. We solved this problem by manufacturing unique grooves in the base. These grooves nestle into the carpet and provide resistance to sliding as the ball enters the cup.

Smaller Hole for Practicing Accuracy
Golfers looking for a more accurate putting stroke will find our practice hole beneficial. We have made the hole slightly smaller than the ones that are out on the course. This means the golfer is practicing with a smaller target, which improves putting accuracy.

Ramp Angle for Practicing Pace
The practice putting cup from Pure Stroke Golf is scientifically designed to help the golfer practice their pace or speed of putts. Professionals often mention that a well struck putt is one that would roll 18 inches past the cup if missed. We designed the ramp angle to mimic the force equivalent to a putt that rolls 18 inches past the cup to practice this pro tip. This is a huge key to effective practice!

In addition to all of these technical features, our practice putting cup is beautiful and comes with the mark of Pure Stroke Golf that says quality. Our cup is an excellent choice for quality-minded golfers looking to improve their putting game. Use a coffee cup for drinking coffee, not for putting practice.

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We proudly make them in the USA.

Enjoy your game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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