Unique Golf Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

Chances are your groomsmen are dear friends and family members. Show them how much you value those friendships by giving your groomsmen a unique golf gift from Pure Stroke Golf. Our products are designed to help the golfer improve their putting game and we can custom engrave them.

The Gift of Putting Practice in the Home or Office

Our Portable Practice Hole is handsome and full of quality. This is not a gift that will just sit on a desk or in a drawer.  The practice hole is manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum for durability.  The hole size is smaller than a regulation hole.  This helps improve putting accuracy.

The bottom of the hole has a unique groove pattern to make sure the hole doesn’t slide around when used. Even the ramp angle has been designed to ensure proper pace of putts. Several colors to choose from too.

The Gift of a Better Putting Stroke

Do you play golf with your groomsmen? Who has the best putting stroke?  Consider the 100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid.

The putting training aid can be used in the home, office or out on the course on the putting practice green.  The unique angles on the aid help the golfer to learn to keep the putter face square to the ball upon striking. Our putting training aid easily installs on any putter.  It is also easy to remove.

These angles make it clear when the putter face was even slightly open or closed because the effect on the putt will be magnified.  A putt that might have missed the hole by just an inch may miss the hole by a foot using the putting training aid.  Remember, the putting training aid is just for practice!

This message came from one of our customers who will be getting married soon:

“The package arrived today and everything looks great! All of the initials were spot on and very professionally finished. All the guys will be able to use them for a very long time. I am very excited to give a unique gift that they won’t see coming”.

All of our products are proudly designed and made in the USA.

Contact us and we will help you with your unique gifts for your groomsmen.

Congratulations on your wedding and enjoy your golf game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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