Surgical Mask Straps

Pure Stroke Golf Uses 3D Printers to Make and Donate Surgical Mask Straps

At Pure Stroke Golf, we normally use our 3D printers for prototyping new putting training aid products. However, in these difficult times, we have stopped our prototyping work and switched our 3D printers to making and donating surgical mask strap supports to assist in the battle against Covid-19.

The Story

Healthcare workers are having to wear their masks for their full shift. The shifts can be twelve hours or more. Their ears would become irritated by the elastic straps being around their ears for so long. The supports that we are making allow the elastic to be off the ears and hooked to our 3D printed strap.

One of our local acquaintances has family members that work in the healthcare field. He brought us the file for 3D printing. We ended up printing many strap supports for one of our local hospitals.

The Mask Strap Design

We were curious as to the originator of the design. Our friend said they simply found it on the internet. We did some research to give credit where credit is due.

We found this interesting article from the Washington Post. The article talks about a 13-year old boy in Canada that is printing the support straps. Thank you, Quinn.

That article led us to this design available on the internet. Thank you, Suraky.

We are certainly disappointed that golf season has been negatively affected by this virus. However, compared to some of the other effects, a delay in golf season seems pretty small. We are a small business in Oklahoma that designs and manufactures putting training aids, but felt in our Spirit that we needed to do something to help our healthcare workers. We can get through this together.

When the time comes, enjoy your game!

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