An Aluminum Putting Cup That Will Last Forever

A portable aluminum putting cup is ideal for the golfer that wants to practice putting in their home or office. Quality-minded golfers prefer a cup that is rugged and elegant. Consider the aluminum putting cup from Pure Stroke Golf.


Our cup is made from tough aircraft quality aluminum. It is a full one-half inch thick for additional strength. It will last forever.


The cup is finished in an assortment of vibrant colors. Plus, our quality finish actually adds even more durability to our aluminum putting cup.

Resistance to Sliding

Our cup will not slide around as it is being used. Using a special manufacturing process, we cut grooves into the base of our cup. This allows the cup to grip the carpet or other putting surface and remain in place.

Improving Your Putting Accuracy

A regulation golf hole is 4 ¼ inches in diameter. To help the golfer with their putting accuracy, we have made the diameter of our hole just 3 ½ inches. Practicing at this smaller target will produce positive results as was communicated to us by one of our customers:

“If I am lipping out on this hole, they all fall at the course. Fantastic product that is built to last”

Tap here to learn more about our aluminum putting cup.

Our aluminum putting cups are proudly made in the USA. Enjoy your game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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