Pure Stroke Golf Introduces New Portable Putting Hole Color Options

We recently introduced four new color options for the Pure Stroke Golf Portable Putting Hole. Now, golfers can choose between red, black, gold, and blue when ordering the putting hole.

Pure Stroke Golf’s Portable Practice Hole has quickly become a hit. The product’s unique design incorporates thoughtful engineering decisions designed to help golfers get more out of practice.

First, the portable practice hole features a ramp that mimics the speed necessary to take the ball 12 to 18 inches past the hole. This is the desired result of putts by professional golfers – giving putts enough power to reach the hole every time. If the putt never reaches the hole, you never give yourself a chance to make it!

Our team also machines a unique gripping pattern on the bottom of each practice hole. This helps the hole stay in place in your office, home, or wherever you practice. The weight of the hole plus the machined bottom ensures that the ball can’t bump the hole out of position.

We also designed our ramp to prevent the ball “hopping” as it makes first contact with the ramp. The hole is meant to simulate practice, and having a ball hop and not give a true result of your practice is frustrating.

Last but not least, the diameter of the Pure Stroke Golf Portable Putting Hole is 3.5 inches versus the 4.25 inches of the standard golf hole. When you aim small, you miss small. Practicing with this smaller diameter hole makes you a better putter. Also, at 3.5 inches, you can still fit two golf balls in the hole if you are putting a sleeve’s worth of balls at the practice hole.

The color options open some new options for our customers. Here are some ideas on how the Portable Practice Hole can become the ideal gift in the 2019 holiday season.


Corporate Gifts

With the ability to have unique colors, also comes the opportunity to brand the practice hole with your organization’s logo. So far, we’ve been able to help financial institutions, consulting groups, and veteran organizations brand the putting cup. Let us help your organization with a special, customized putting cup for your customers.


For Dads, Uncles, Grandpas, and More

If you know your relative’s favorite color, getting a Pure Stroke Portable Putting Hole that matches their favorite color just makes sense. Like many of the golfers we know, their golf items typically align with their favorite NCAA, NFL, MLB, or NBA team. With our initial four color options, it’s likely you can pick the perfect color for this great gift idea.


Match the Home or Office

If you are interested in a portable practice hole, you can now pick the perfect color. If your colors are bold, then red, blue or gold might be for you. If you have a more neutral color scheme, you can go with black and have the hole blend right in.

We’re excited to bring these new colors for the Pure Stroke Golf’s Portable Practice Hole to golfers everywhere, just in time for the holiday season. If you get one for yourself or for someone else, we hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave a review on our site and let us know what you think!


Enjoy Your Game!

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