Improve Speedgolf Scores with Faster Running and More Accurate Putting

Speedgolf is a relatively new form of golf that combines running with traditional golf. Faster running and a better putting stroke can help improve Speedgolf scores.

Speedgolf Rules and Scoring

In Speedgolf, the length of time it takes to play is part of the overall score. One minute is equal to one stroke. So, the time plus actual strokes equal the total score.

Learn more about Speedgolf rules.

Other Differences from Traditional Golf

The players will typically use lightweight golf clubs and do not carry as many as in traditional golf. This reduces the weight that must be carried as a person runs. Players typically carry only 4 to 7 clubs and they are allowed to wear running shoes.

The 4 common clubs are a driver, mid-iron, wedge and a putter. Others could be added depending on the course and how much extra weight the player chooses to carry.

How to Improve Speedgolf Scores

For players that are already good golfers, improved running can help lower scores. Speedgolf is a series of sprints of up to 300 yards and then a bit of rest once on the green. The average length of a golf course is around 6900 yards. That means speedgolfers are running over 4 miles during a round!

Some techniques that sprinters use to increase speed include warming up, breathing properly, using shorter strides and running on the balls of their feet.

For players that are already good runners, improved golf strokes can help lower scores. At Pure Stroke Golf, we help players with their putting stroke. We offer a unique putting training aid and portable practice hole.

Some speedgolfers putt one-handed. This allows them keep the other hand on their bag saving valuable time. It is interesting to practice putting one-handed.

Speedgolf Health Benefits

Speedgolf definitely has more cardiovascular health benefits than traditional golf because of the running. Other benefits from running include better sleep, improved memory and overall improved energy levels.

When confined to a home or office, even some basic putting practice can offer health benefits. Simply standing instead of sitting is helpful. Perhaps a cycle of a couple of minutes on a treadmill followed by a couple of putting strokes can help improve your health and Speedgolf game.

Enjoy your game!

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