Putting Training Aids for Golf Schools

Pure Stroke Golf designs and manufactures unique putting training aids for golf schools and coaches. Custom engraving is available with our portable practice hole.

Our Putting Training Aids

Portable Practice Hole
It is specially designed to not slide around on carpet or other putting surfaces. The small hole increases putting accuracy. The ramp angle is designed to perfect putt pace. Custom engraving is available to showcase your school’s name and logo.

100% Pure Stroke® Putting Training Aid
It easily attaches and removes from the putter face. It trains the golfer to have perfect alignment and to hit the sweet spot on every stroke.

Best Golf Schools and Academies

According to GolfSchool.com, the current top rated golf schools are:

  •  Butch Harmon School of Golf in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  •  Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  •  James Andrews Golf School in Colchester, Essex, England

How to Choose a Golf Coach

There are more than 5500 golf coaches across the USA. According to the PGA, here are items to consider before choosing a golf coach.

  • Compatibility – make sure there is a personality fit and agreement on goals.
  • Experience – make sure the coach has proper experience and education. Best would be a member of the LPGA or PGA.
  •  Videos – make sure your coach uses videos to show your swing and putting stroke.

About Us

We like to golf and are located in Oklahoma, USA. We design and manufacture our putting training aids.

Enjoy your game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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