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Products to Improve Your Mini Golf Game

Pure Stroke Golf offers a putting training aid and portable practice hole to help you improve your mini golf game.

Our 100% Pure Stroke® putting training aid easily attaches to your putter and trains the golfer to keep the putter face square and to strike the sweet spot every time.

Our portable hole is made from aircraft quality aluminum and has a unique design to keep the hole from sliding around. The hole is a bit smaller than regulation which trains the golfer to be deadly accurate.

Our products are great for any golfer looking to improve their putting game.

Miniature Golf is interesting to us, so we researched the history of the game.

St Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club

This club was founded in 1867. At that time, ladies didn’t play traditional golf. It wasn’t ladylike. However, a nine hole “miniature links” course was laid out that only required a cleek and putter. Eventually, the ground became smooth enough that only putters were required. The club is still open today!

Thistle Dhu at Pinehurst

In 1916, James Barber built the first miniature golf course in America. When finished, he said “This’ll Do”, which eventually became “Thistle Dhu”. Dhu means black in Celtic (we looked it up). Check out the Thistle Dhu course.

Mini golf courses became so popular that many were built on rooftops. This idea is still around today.

Professional Mini Golf

There is a US ProMiniGolf Association which is an affiliate of the World MiniGolf Sport Federation. They have tournaments including cash prizes for the winners. The best players through the USPMGA tour can make their way to the world championships. Mini golf, as a professional sport, is a bit more popular in Europe than in the USA.

In 2020, Rainey Statum of Texas won the USPMGA Master’s tournament. 58 players took part in the event.

Mini Golf for Fun

Mini golf can be fun and entertaining for the whole family. There are many mini golf companies. Putt Putt and Monster Mini Golf are a couple of the more well known.

Pure Stroke Golf designs and crafts products to help all golfers improve and enjoy their game. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Enjoy your game!

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