An Office Putting Cup to Improve Your Putting When You Can’t Make It Out to the Course

An office putting cup is needed for golfers to be able to practice their putting when there isn’t time to make it out to the course and putting green. There are many flimsy, plastic choices available, but for those looking for quality, consider an office putting cup from Pure Stroke Golf.


Our Design

For durability, our cup is made from ½-inch thick aluminum. We manufacture unique grooves in the base to keep the cup from sliding. We’ve purposedly made the hole size 3 ½”, smaller than a regulation hole size of 4 ¼”. This helps the golfer with putting accuracy. The ramp angle is engineered to allow for ideal ball capture with a properly paced putt. We finish our cup with a quality coating that adds to its durability and elegance.

One of our customer reviews says “Awesome product! Really encourages good speed and line. If I am lipping out on this hole, they all fall at the course. Fantastic product that is built to last.”


Personalization and Customization

PSG-Custom-Putting-Cup-June-2019-FeatIn addition to all of these design features that help the golfer improve their putting, our cups can be personalized with custom engraving. We can engrave putting cups with your company’s name and/or logo. We also offer custom colors. The image shown is an example. We can engrave personal names as well. Simply contact us to learn more.

Many have purchased our quality office putting cups as gifts for clients, customers, family, and friends. What a great way to show the golfers in your life how much you appreciate them.

Another of our customer reviews says in part “Brilliant design…These will be my standard go-to gift for golfers in the future.”

To view more details about our office putting cup, please click or tap here.

We proudly make these office putting cups in the USA.

Enjoy your game!

Aluminum Putting Cup
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